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The Veterans & Military Listening Post is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization that provides veterans, military and civilians with a ten-step, steady state story process of positive outcomes. VLP recognizes that listening is one of the most powerful positive ways of supporting our veterans and military. VLP’s ten-step, positive teller and listener course is a reliable, building-block method of turnaround, uplift and positive changes. VLP provides in person and on the ground listening posts and also phone answering and texts listening services. We additionally provide the center point method of coaching that benefits and supports veterans, military and civilian’s right here, right now.

VMLP invites you, your business or organization to become a supporter of the VLP teller and listener programs of positive outcomes. Perhaps you can provide an expression of support in a fashion that you may think can help the VMLP mission. Any further interest, exchange of information and discussions would be most welcome. Now, more than ever, positive programs of support are vital for our veterans and military.

Educational Services

  • VLP’s lecture series on personal and universal listening techniques for veterans and military.
  • Instructional seminars. VLP Academy for the ten-step teacher certification for veterans, military and civilians.
  • Neighborhood listening posts, phone service and story posting services.
  • Government development programs for NAICS – codes 624310, 624190, 711510.
  • Programs for non-profits, recovery centers, yoga, emotional freedom techniques and related programs.

Performance Services


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