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Share your positive story and
comment on a story you read.
Veterans – Military – Civilians

Just think of your story like a news story. First, it has a beginning (can be started from any point during your service or in your civilian life). Second, it has a body/explanation (include things like how much your service meant to you, good friendships or times that seemed to be endless). And lastly, bring your story to a conclusion and into the present (see if you can include the words “turnaround, uplift, and positive” as a part of the comments in your story). Your positive story will have great benefits for all who read or listen. All those serving in the the United States military and the free world receive immense support and strength when reading and listening to positive stories.

Subject Stories

You can use your name, organization or a handle name. It’s the positive value of the story that’s important. The story is the focus. This makes it universal for all to read, listen, connect, and be uplifted by what you are sharing.

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