Be the Answer: Become a VLP Affiliate

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Become an ambassador for good and pass on the easily downloadable support pledges helping veterans, military and civilians come together through outward physical signs of support.

Earn income as a VLP Affiliate through our Connect and Recognize Program.

The affiliate process can be linked to your personal or business website, online store, email, social media pages, and much more. The VLP Affiliate Program can stand on its own to generate income, or you can simply add VLP to your website as a way of displaying your support for veterans and military with your customers, friends, and fellow organizations. All support fees generated from your platforms are credited in real-time to your Listening Post Affiliate account. The VLP Affiliate Program is simple, streamlined and offers an easily accessible downloadable display that you can be proud of.

The VLP Affiliate Program has no strings attached—you can make as much income as you like with the knowledge that you are creating, connecting, recognizing, and displaying support pledges that change lives for the better. The VLP’s infrastructure has the ability to generate income from a wide variety of products that will be introduced so you will have a continuous stream of positive support items available for all audiences.

As the leader of your affiliate program, start your mission by downloading your own certificate; the bright logos are a rewarding way to show that you are a true supporter of veterans and military.

We firmly believe that the veteran, military, and civilian populations are at a favorable crossroads to take part in life-changing exchanges with one another.

VLP Listening Post Affiliate Sales & Marketing Strategies

“You want to pick an issue where it both does some good on its own and at the same time helps draw awareness to a broader set of issues.”
–Peter Thiel, Co-Founder of PayPal

The VLP Affiliate Program fulfills this statement. Our mission is simple: we want to connect and recognize veterans and military through distinct, non-controversial outward signs of physical display.

The VLP Strategy of Ten

The strategy of ten is very simple and works very well. Here’s how it works: Use your effort and skill to elicit one to ten support certificates from people who have meaning to you.

Every time you reach ten, your network is exponentially expanded and ten more potential supporters become available. This strategy can go on for as long as your effort and skill is applied.

Basic Marketing that Works

All you need are two basic marketing tools that you already have: word of mouth and your social media expertise. You can also use the VLP logos and sayings in your website’s advertising, or offer certificates of support as an add-on gift to customer when selling your products.

As the author of Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki states, “Provide within your venture a good intention, a good meaning for people. Success and money will follow.”

Thanks for you participation.
The VLP team